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In the program you will learn about: 

  • how to analyse your organisation’s change readiness and the type of change you are involved in

  • what sustainable transformative change is and how to mobilize the right people

  • common mistakes and critical actions when designing and leading transformative change 

  • how to design processes, facilitate actions and lead strategic, sustainable change

  • the mindset and behaviour of a transformative leader 

  • how to expand your ability to transform and overcome your self-limiting patterns 

Topics and dates:

  • Wake-up calls for transformation - 7. February

  • Transformation in organisations - 7. March

  • Transformation facilitation - 18. April

  • Transforming yourself - 16. May

  • Transformative integration - 7. June

The program includes:

  • A coached session, where we help you to clarify your personal intention for attending in Change by Design Circle

  • 5 whole-day workshops (10-17) incl. lunch, tea/coffee etc.

  • Virtual check-ins in between workshops

  • Access to a digital platform with pre-read / pre-view material

Before each workshop, you will receive material to read or watch. You will be asked to carry out assignments to train your transformative skills in between workshops. 

After completion of the program, you will have access to the Change by Design Circle Alumni offerings.

The total price is DKK 30,000 ex VAT

We will meet in beautiful surroundings in Copenhagen; either indoors in the city centre or in Rude Skov just north of the city.

​The programme will be held in Danish.

Wake-up calls for transformation

What calls for transformative change in our current situation and why it's wise not to wait

Transforming organisations

What are the common mistakes when transforming organisations and what are the critical structures to succeed 

Transformation facilitation

What do you need to master when designing and facilitating transformative change

Transforming yourself 

What do you need to transform in yourself to raise your level of consciousness and overcome self-limiting patterns

Transformative integration

What is your personal commitment to integrate to claim your role as a designer of transformative change




Or call Ida at

+45 6017 7340

Thank you for your interest. We will get back to you.


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