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Masterclasses for leaders, design thinkers and change specialists

How to design and lead sustainable transformations in your organisation


"I gained a much greater awareness of my way of acting and making changes with others in the organization and this - together with new theory and tools - has significantly strengthened me in my work."

Signe Utoft Andersen | Innovation Facilitator | NNE

"The course is very skillfully facilitated. We were constantly activated with exercises that, among other things, focused on how we are each authentic as leaders. A very safe space was created that, despite our very different starting points, did , that together we could wonder, explore and learn from each other ."

Christian Ertmann-Christiansen | Business Developer | DBC 

"The most important thing about the circle is that it - and the good people in it - have acted as an anchor to holding on to design thinking. Both as a personal tool for curiosity, as a leadership tool - and as a prism to see the world and its possibilities through."

Mille Østerlund | Head of Advisory Branch | Centre For Cyber Security 


  • Change By Design Circles
    5 Circles from Sep 2022
    5 Circles from Sep 2022
    Klub, Linnésgade 25, København, Danmark
    Boost your impact as a leader of change and become a designer of transformations.


The purpose of Change by Design Circle is to boost your impact as a leader or change specialist in relation to design and lead sustainable transformations in your organisation.




  • The COVID-pandemic, the world's geopolitical uncertainty and the climate crisis are challenging organisations to take responsibility for a much more fundamental and sustainable development of their products and services; the well-being of their employees and the context in which they operate and the planet we all inhabit.

  • As the world has truly become VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), it is no longer about implementing the latest management paradigm with associated methods, processes and KPIs, but instead about sensing and responding to wake-up calls and new potentials that emerge.

  • At the same time, employees crave investment in the human aspects of work. demanding a renewed and revised sense of purpose in their work. It requires leaders to truly understand their employees and begin to provide the flexibility, connectivity, and sense of unity and purpose and invest in a more fulfilling employee experience

The offering includes:

  • Initial coaching session clarifying your personal intention for attending 

  • 5 masterclasses dedicated to a specific theme that stems from organisational theory; sustainability; design thinking; personal leadership development and wisdom traditions

    1 Transformation in society - 14. September
    2 Transformation in organisations - 5. October
    3 Transformation facilitation - 1. November
    4 Transforming yourself - 23. November
    5 Transformative integration - 14. December

The total price for the masterclasses and coaching sessions is DKK 30,000 ex VAT


Our offering targets leaders and specialists in the private and public sectors who truly want to dive into what it takes to design a lead sustainable transformations in large organisations. 


You will:

  • get introduced to common mistakes and critical actions when designing and leading change initiatives 

  • strengthen your understanding of what sustainable transformative change is and what it takes to engage people around you 

  • experience personal leadership development by deep reflection exercises on your own mindset and behaviour 

  • share experiences and challenges and receive guidance from experts on the challenges you are facing

  • challenge your self-limiting patterns, raise your consciousness, and expand your ability to transform in a sustainable way - for your organisation and for your self


We meet in beautiful surroundings at: 

Linnésgade 25, Copenhagen 

– just next to Nørreport Station



We have selected a number of extremely well-founded and research-based methods and tools that have enriched our own practice as well as created unique transformations in our customers' organisations. 

You will gain deep insight into and hands-on tools related to:

  • Essential Models for Leading Transformation

  • Framework For Strategic Sustainable Development   

  • Framing Your Transformation & Designing Conditions for Success

  • Levels of Consciousness & Vertical Leadership Development  

  • Creating Safe Spaces and Engaging Stakeholders  

  • Self-limiting Patterns & Authentic leadership  



Change by Design Circle is facilitated by the founders of ViaDesign Ida Vesterdal and Sune Kjems. 

We both have solid experience in strategic change using Design Thinking, Transformation Leadership and Wisdom Traditions. In recent years we’ve completed certifications in sustainability and organisational and personal transformation.

Our common motivation is our passion for using our knowledge, our tools and ourselves as a lever for personal leadership development and sustainable organisational development.


We believe that holding a space for reflection, sparring, and sharing the ups and downs that come with leading change is fundamental to succeeding with the transformations as well as learning and growing from the experience as an individual leader.


We know from personal experience how tough and exciting it can be to make sustainable change happen
– but we promise you it’s going to be an adventure ;-)



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Sune is one of Denmark's leading specialists in design thinking, service design and transformation design with +20 years of background as a consultant, coach and leadership advisor.
He is a member of the Danish Design Council and part of the Danish Design Centre’s mentor corps.

Furthermore, Sune is trained in Native American wisdom traditions and teaches executives in sustainable leadership, design thinking and wisdom traditions at The Royal Danish Academy.



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Ida is a trusted advisor at the executive level helping individuals, teams and organisations succeed with human-centred transformation.

During her career, Ida has managed many large-scale projects, both as a partner in ViaDesign and as Head of Innovation Facilitation, R&D, Novo Nordisk.

She is a social scientist by training, a design thinker by heart and a stakeholder manager with a deep interest in organisations and the way they unfold.




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