Applied learning for transformation leaders, design thinkers and change-makers

How to design and lead transformations in your organisation




The purpose of the Change by Design Circle is to boost your impact as a transformation leader, design thinker or change-maker your organisation by empowering you with the insights, methods and actions needed to design and lead transformations. 


  • Design thinkers has proven their worth when used in projects but faces limitations when it comes to scaling and implementation in the entire organization. It is time we combine design thinking with other disciplines to truly impact organisations.

  • Organisations are moving from mastering change in projects to building agility as a general capability, in order to adapt to a constant changing reality. Transformation leaders has a crucial role to play here, but the potential is challenged by traditional change management approaches. It is time to enrich traditional change management with new perspectives and methods. 

  • Many change-makers are gaining ground and deliver results in organisations, but it’s often a lonely struggle. To succeed without burning out change-makers need to meet, be inspired, exchange experiences and support and strengthen each other. 

  • get introduced to common mistakes and critical skills when designing and leading transformations

  • boost your individual impact in your organisation through deep reflection exercises on your own and other’s practices 

  • receive guidance and share experiences and challenges with other experts

  • challenge your self limiting patterns, raise your consciousness and expand your ability to transform


The course includes

  • initial coaching session about your personal intention for participation
  • five applied learning circles dedicated to a specific theme that stems from organisational theory, design thinking, behavioural psychology and wisdom traditions

  • final commitment ceremony

We finish every circle with a light meal where you in an informal setting have the opportunity to share and discuss.


  • introductions to new and proven change methods  

  • team-building  exercises

  • reflections on your team member's individual practices 

  • sharing experiences and challenges

  • identify how to boost your teams' impact in the organization 

  • get individual coaching and feedback from facilitators in one to one sessions

We do tailor-made courses to suit your team's needs and organizations culture.  

Together with you we will combine the most relevant and valuable methods and design the course to meet your specific situation - either focusing on capability building or addressing a specific challenge - or maybe even a combination.

If relevant,  individual and team coaching sessions can be added to the course.​


Fully booked
New team starts in August


We meet in beautiful surroundings at: 

Linnésgade 25, Copenhagen 

– just next to Nørreport Station



We have selected the methods that have enriched our own practice, and have strengthened the field of design thinking as well as change initiatives.  ​

  • Transformation In All Quadrants And All Levels 
    Integral Theory by Ken Wilber


  • The Evolution of Organisations
    Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux


  • Creating Safe Spaces
    The Fearless Organisation by Amy C. Edmondson

  • How to Navigate Your Organisation's Transformation
    Leading Transformational Change by Linda Ackerman Anderson and Dean Anderson

  • Authentic leadership
    The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz‎


Change by Design Circle is initiated by Ida Vesterdal and Sune Kjems.

We are all capabilities with solid experience in strategic change-making using Design Thinking.

Our common motivation is our passion for using Design Thinking as a lever for self-development and organizational development, as well as an interest in empowering others by sharing the experience we have gained and the interesting people who have helped us along the way. 


We believe that having a space for reflection, sparring and sharing the ups and downs that come with leading change is fundamental to succeeding with the change as well as learning and growing from the experience as an individual.


We know from personal experience how tough and exciting it can be to make change happen and we want to create a space to help with just that. 

Sune Kjems

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Sune is one of Denmark's leading specialists in design thinking with 20 years of background as an innovation consultant and service designer.
He is a member of the Danish Design Council and part of the Danish Design Centre’s mentor corps.
Furthermore, Sune is teaching executives sustainable leadership, design thinking and wisdom traditions.

Ida Vesterdal

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Ida is a trusted advisor at executive level helping individuals, teams and organisations succeed with human-centred transformation.
During her career, Ida has managed many large scale projects, both as a partner in ViaDesign and as Head of Innovation Facilitation, R&D, Novo Nordisk.
She is a social scientist by training, a design thinker by heart and a stakeholder manager by a deep interest in organisations and the way they unfold.




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