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Become an agent of transformation


As the world indeed has become complex and ambiguous leadership development has become so much more than implementing the latest management paradigm. 

Today leadership is about sensing and responding to the wake-up calls and the potential that emerge - and it is about the ability to facilitate people not knowing precisely where the process will get you.

Change by Design Circle is a programme designed to boost your courage and enable you to lead change in a sustainable and transformative way.

During the program, you will work intensively on how to design transformative processes, including mobilising and facilitating stakeholders and empowering yourself as a leader of change.


You will be presented with well-founded and research-based methods and tools that have enriched our practice and created remarkable transformations in our customers' organisations. 


You can expect different learning environments where tangible and visual tools go hand in hand with science-based theories and where being and learning from nature is mixed with result-orientated action learning exercises you can apply in your organisation.  


Upcoming Events

  • Morning Intro & Try Out (June)
    13 Jun, 08:30 – 10:00
    Klub, Linnésgade 25, 1361 København, Danmark
    Get an introduction to what Change By Design Circle is all about. We will present a theory and a method and activate the content through exercises. We promise you'll have an extraordinary start of your day.
  • Morning Intro & Try Out (Aug)
    16 Aug, 08:30 – 10:00
    Klub, Linnésgade 25, 1361 København, Danmark
    Get an introduction to what Change By Design Circle is all about. We will present a theory and a method and activate the content through exercises. We promise you'll have an extraordinary start of your day.
  • Change By Design Circle #4
    5 day programme starting Aug 2023
    5 day programme starting Aug 2023
    Boost your strategic impact by becoming an agent of transformation
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Our offering targets leaders and specialists in the private and public sectors who want to learn how to design and lead sustainable transformations. 


Change by Design Circle Program is for you if you:


  • are a leader of strategic initiatives, change manager, innovation partner, development specialist or a leader of a team/department with a focus on innovation or change

  • are involved in innovation targeting new or existing end-users or you are leading the innovation of internal processes, culture and structures

  • find yourself leading initiatives that challenge the status quo of the organisation and the people involved without having the strategic frameworks, tools and methods to address the challenges you meet


In other words, you are in a situation where your current capability is not sufficient in the complex change you are involved in – and you find yourself in need of new insights, new theories and new tools to boost your strategic impact.

The program includes:

  • A coached session, where we help you to clarify your personal intention for attending in Change by Design Circle

  • 5 whole-day workshops (10-17) incl. lunch, tea/coffee etc.

  • Virtual check-ins in between workshops

  • Access to a digital platform with pre-read / pre-view material

Before each workshop, you will receive material to read or watch. You will be asked to carry out assignments to train your transformative skills in between workshops. 

After completion of the program, you will have access to the Change by Design Circle Alumni offerings.

The total price is DKK 30,000 ex VAT

We will meet in beautiful surroundings in Copenhagen; either indoors in the city centre or in Rude Skov just north of the city.

​The programme will be held in Danish.

We have selected a number of highly well-founded and research-based methods and tools that have enriched our practice and created remarkable transformations in our customers' organisations. 

You will gain deep insight into and hands-on tools related to:

  • Essential models for designing and leading transformations in organisations 

  • Framing sustainable development strategically  

  • Leading up-stream and engaging key stakeholders 

  • Creating safe spaces and facilitating conditions for success

  • Boosting authentic leadership by addressing self-limiting patterns and raising levels of consciousness


Your organization will benefit from a:

  • change process leader, who can link the change to the organization’s strategy and purpose 

  • facilitator, who knows how to create a space for real change and make sure every stakeholder is engaged and heard

  • change specialist with a solid knowledge of the process, methods and tools to facilitate sustainable transformation

  • colleague more conscious of her/his own position in creating change 

Our offering
WS #1 - 24. August
Wake-up calls for transformation


What is transformative change

What calls for transformative change right now 

How do you analyse your own and your organization's readiness for change

How do you identify the type of change in which you are involved

WS #2 - 20. September
Transformation in organisations


What must be in place to be able to change organizations transformative

What are the classic pitfalls in change initiatives

What are the decisive things organizationally and procedurally to succeed

WS #3 - 30. October
Transformation facilitation


What mind-set and behaviour characterizes a leader of transformative change

How do you create the conditions to succeed with transformative change

How do you facilitate and lead change at different levels of consciousness

How do you mobilize the right people in your transformative change effort

DAY #4 - 29. November
Transforming yourself 


How do you expand your level of consciousness and overcome self-limiting patterns and behaviours

What will strengthen your courage and what do you need to leave behind that stands in the way to for fill your full potential

WS #5 - 13. December
Transformative integration


Examination and compilation of everything you have learned and worked with during the program

What do you need to personally integrate to take on the role of a leader of transformative change




"This winter I took part in the course Change by Design Circle - and it was in many ways mindblowing in terms of framing, nuance and manifesting changes both privately, in organizations and in society. In fact, it went so far for me that I now will have a tattoo on my wrist - as a manifestation. Huge recommendations.”

Trine Demant | Chief Consultant | Region H 

"I gained a much greater awareness of my way of acting and making changes with others in the organization and this - together with new theory and tools - has significantly strengthened me in my work."

Signe Utoft Andersen | Innovation Facilitator | NNE

"The course is very skillfully facilitated. We were constantly activated with exercises that, among other things, focused on how we are each authentic as leaders. A very safe space was created that, despite our very different starting points, did, that together we could wonder, explore and learn from each other."

Christian Ertmann-Christiansen | Business Developer | DBC 

"The most important thing about the circle is that it - and the good people in it - have acted as an anchor to holding on to design thinking. Both as a personal tool for curiosity, as a leadership tool - and as a prism to see the world and its possibilities through."

Mille Østerlund | Head of Advisory Branch | Centre For Cyber Security 



Change by Design Circle is offered by ViaDesign founded by Ida Vesterdal and Sune Kjems in 2001.

We both have +20 years of experience in helping organizations innovate and change. We work in both the public and private sector and are used in various roles, as coaches of leaders responsible for change, as advisors in implementing innovation and change and as designers of new processes, models and structures that create change.


Our approach and toolbox is a combination of design thinking, cultural analysis, transformational management and indigenous wisdom traditions.


We have certifications in Design Thinking from Stanford d:school, Transformation Leadership from Being First, Foundations in Sustainability-Inspired Strategy + Applications in Strategic Sustainability from The Natural Step and Menneskets Vej from IndiLife.

We believe that leading transformatively is a necessity in order to solve the complex challenges we face in society and in our organisations. We know from experience that many are challenged with their strategic change or innovation initiatives because they underestimate what is needed or do not have the necessary tools.

Sometimes it's also about the leader pointing the arrow at himself and weeding out stuck notions about himself and others.


Via Design's motivation for Change by Design Circle is to strengthen managers, agents and specialists in succeeding with change and to create a safe space where they can learn, train, develop and grow together.



Ida is a trusted advisor who helps managers, teams and organizations succeed with innovation and change.


Ida has worked for a number of years at Novo Nordisk, first as a specialist and project manager for user-driven innovation, and later as head of the Innovation facilitation department, which provided assistance to both the management and the many innovation projects.


Ida is a trained cultural analyst and has a very good eye for spotting the needs of the many involved in the change and seeing potential and solutions when challenges arise.

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Sune is one of Denmark's leading specialists in design thinking, service design and transformation design with a background as a consultant, coach and leadership developer.


He is a member of the Danish Design Council and is a lecturer at the Royal Academy, among others. on the continuing education course in Sustainable Management.


Sune is educated at Danmark School of Design and over the past 15 years has furthered his education in Native American wisdom traditions. He integrates the many models and tools from here into his management development and teaching.

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